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hands on yogi

Getting Real with Our Limited-time Offers**

Feeling hesitant but want a Real taste? Our Yoga for One for $49 (discounted from $79) is a great way to get a feel for the practice. Begin freeing up your body and mind today.

Or try one class with your partner for $129 (discounted from $149)! See below for full descriptions.

Our Regular Packages:

Yoga for One

New to the practice? Learn yoga from the privacy of your living room. We’ll bring you a hands-on experience that allows you find and understand what the connection between body and breath is all about. This is ideal for the person who has always wanted to step into a studio but wasn’t sure what to expect. This personalized 75 minute session includes a warm-up, vigorous flow and 10 minute savasana (rest and relaxation) which will allow you to let the practice sink in to your body.

A year into your journey? Are you moving strong but unsure if you’re ready to go to the next level? Yoga for One is a great way to transition from beginner to intermediate level. We will customize a dynamic and challenging 75 minute session that strengthens your foundation and assesses your readiness for the next stage. This is ideal for the person who has a solid home practice or heads to a studio about 3 times weekly.

Yoga for One: $79 for 1 hour and 15 minutes

2 sessions: $139

6-pack: $399

10-pack: $629 (includes a goal-setting consultation)

Yoga for Two

yoga for two

Yoga for Two is twice as nice. Two can be a spouse, best friend, family member or neighbor! We will bring you a flow that’s right for both of you, individually and together. Included in this 75 minute class is our personalized flow, easy massage tips, savasana (rest and relaxation) and fun poses you can do together during class and after!

Yoga for Two: $149 for 1 hour and 15 minutes

Yoga for Two 2 sessions: $259

Yoga for Two 6-pack: $759

Yoga for Two 10-pack: $1189 (includes a goal-setting consultation)

yogi at home
** 1. Offers cannot be combined with any other JC Real promotion. 2. 24 hour notice of cancellation required for privates.


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