Who Is Jersey City Real Yoga


Oneika is a Yoga teacher, book nerd, and blogger. After a career in retail leadership and training she decided to combine her passion for teaching, writing and wellness. Oneika believes that learning how to properly breathe is the key to a satisfying life. Her classes are structured to connect people with their body and breath. She is passionate about yoga as a way of life and not just something that is done on a mat.

Oneika teaches at SunMoon Yoga, Surya Yoga Academy, Grassroots Community Space and has private clients. 


Kathleen is a Yoga teacher and a published poet. A former desk dweller in midtown Manhattan, she decided one day to get up and move… to Jersey City and into Yoga. She is grateful to the practice (and the amazing teachers she found along the way!) for unifying and transforming her life, and is passionate about sharing it with others, both on and off the mat.

Kathleen has been teaching Movement and Yoga at Stevens Cooperative School for the past five years. She also teaches at SunMoon Yoga, Brick Haus Fitness, Grassroots Community Space, Newark Yoga Movement and has privates clients.


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