The JC Real Flow

yoga party

We’ve designed a uniquely paced flow to let you experience the energetic beauty of the practice and experience a full body workout. This hour and fifteen minute class will include the fundamentals of the physical practice and how to integrate your breathing in order to practice safely and feel refreshed (and, yes, taller!) afterwards. There will also be a Q&A section. Come join us and begin your transformation.

So what’s Jersey about it? We know what it’s like everyday out there. The commute. The office “air.” The traffic. The hassle and the toll it takes. We walked the corporate road more than once, and we landed here, a few steps away from the madness, but still close enough to enjoy when it we want to! Our flow incorporates that awareness and sensibility. Our Yoga will help you enjoy your complex life with a little less complexity and a lot more compassion.


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